14 year old Victor Mature was brought in to Animal Control when he was found wandering the streets, hungry and tired near the Tennessee border. He had a heart murmur, the worst teeth ever and was in poor shape, so of course he was not the most adoptable prospect, however our friends at Dream Dachshund Rescue in Atlanta got on the phone to us right away to tell us all about him, because they knew we wouldn’t be able to say no! How right they were!  This dear little chap has a glint in his eye, a song in his heart and a permanent party going on inside his head! Always running somewhere, this old dude looks like he has quite the schedule, however he’s never too busy to pass up a kiss with a pretty damsel! Victor spends his days trying hard to make Snazzy love him and, in typical dachshund style, singing for his supper! Sing your heart out little fella! You are home!