Senior Center Visits
Collaboration between Frankie and Andy’s Place, Barrow County Animal Control and Barrow County Senior Center. Rescue dogs visit Senior Center and provide companionship and love to their new human friends

Program has been conceived, attended and driven by 13 year old boy (Dakota Jean) with support from all collaborative organizations and volunteers – the initiative has had huge positive impact on Dakota for therapeutic reasons while many of the senior humans after a short time look forward to Wednesday’s when they can spend time with the dogs

Children with Autism
Providing a non-judgemental brand of emotional support and companionship to people in our communities
Read below a wonderful letter from 13 year old Audrey and her mum, Tracy, about what Frankie and Andys has meant for them…..
“Coming to Frankie and Andy’s Place makes me happy because I like how calm the dogs are when I pet them and we listen to music together.” – Audrey (13 year old lover of dogs and music; also happens to have autism).

We are so thankful for FAAP. It has given us the perfect opportunity to introduce the idea of a “job” to our child who otherwise would have limited opportunities for an introduction to employment due to her unique set of sensitivities, language challenges and social differences. Knowing that 80% of kids with autism leave the school system with no avenues for active employment, we have set out to find our child a niche. All people want to have a sense of purpose. We know that FAAP has given Audrey this. The bonus is that it has given her mom and dad (also lovers of dogs and music) just as much happiness.

Adult Day Center Visits
Adults of all ages requiring attention give their carers respite by visiting the Center. Frankie and Andy’s Place dogs interact with adults and provide friendship and loving without judgement

Long before the cabin had even been delivered, Connie Woofford contacted me to ask about our plans for Frankie and Andys Place as she had read about it on our Facebook page. She wanted to know if we would be interested in taking senior dogs to the Adult Day center in Winder, where adults of all ages but requiring supervision, could go to give their carers a respite for the day.
I told her then that we would need to wait until we were up and running to check this out; last Thursday, due to her dogged persistence, she and I went to meet the folks there and introduce them to our mission and the tour de force that is…ERROL FLYNN!
When we got there, it was after lunch, and we toured the facility, met the staff, and were able to meet some of the visitors.
One older gentleman, who introduced himself as Chuck Norris, ( you can only imagine how long he and I traded pretend ninja kicks….it was too much fun, honestly) wanted to hold Errol Flynn because he reminded him of his childhood dog, Trixie.
Of course, we heard him say this a few times, but both Connie and I were struck by the emotion it evoked in him….how simply touching this four pound ball of love seemed to happily transport him back to halcyon days.
Another fan of Errol was a sweet lady who isn’t allowed to have dogs at her care facility, but missed having the touch and love of one in her life.
But for both Connie and I, the most unbelievable moment came when a young lady, who was quadriplegic and sitting in a wheel chair with her head tilted back, unable to speak or move her hands, was asked if she would like to meet Errol. She looked at him, their eyes met, we lifted her hand to gently stroke Errol, and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.
She started to laugh with such genuine glee, her whole face shone like a golden light, her mouth was so far open in a smile, the carers were floored!
You see, she had not been feeling well when she arrived that day, and they had been concerned for her.
We lifted Errol to her neck and allowed him to nuzzle her gently, and she purred with delight. She cannot make a coherent sound, but she laughed! She truly laughed!
Folks, if these dogs do nothing useful ever again, what we saw on that day, with that young lady, made every single thing worth it.
Errol Flynn, this little four pound dynamo, walked into a room, owned it and made everyone feel better. He spread the love like Gandhi, touching hearts everywhere he went, allowing himself to be passed from one person to the next, hugging and snuggling his way into their hearts.
15 people became balls of mush at his very presence.
Because of confidentiality guidelines, we are not allowed to post pictures yet, or give names; we are hoping that will come soon.
We will be visiting there every week starting on Monday, and I cannot even begin to thank Connie for the work that she has done to get this going.