Errol Flynn

If you’ve ever seen a lion squeeze into a mouse costume, then you’ve met Errol Flynn!  Errol came to us from Gwinnett Animal Control in the summer of 2016, where he was out of time. This four pound Chihuahua was the darling of everyone at the county shelter, and all of the volunteers panicked that he wouldn’t make it out.

We decided to take him in after he temperament tested so well with dogs of all sizes and couldn’t understand why no one had adopted him or claimed him, until we had him checked out by our vets, who discovered some nasty dental and hind quarter issues. Those teeth were taken care of successfully and he now not only feels much better but he has a beautiful pearly white smile, much belying his ten years!!
Despite his size, Errol Flynn arrived at the cabin and immediately went around greeting everyone with a play bow and a kiss!
Named after the legendary actor, who was known to be quite the ladies man, our Errol Flynn is well known for stealing kisses off of anyone he can. His best pal at the cabin is Boris, and they lie together every night with Errol curled up into Boris’ side, on a big fluffy dog bed.

A voracious eater, especially of anyone else’s dinner, Errol Flynn is always first in line for treats and loves to go for walks along the woodland trails behind the cabin to build up his massive appetite.
He is a very practiced canoodle expert, and has all of our visitors eating out of his tiny paws.