Presenting Sir Donald! Donald, our distinguished older gentleman, is a wonderful 15 year old Dachshund with a heart of gold. He came to us from Cobb County Animal Shelter after it was deemed his time was up and he had to be euthanized to make space for other animals. Donald had not been adopted on account of his having a very large tumor hanging down from his chest (which was promptly named ‘the chesticle’) which dragged on the ground as he walked, severely infected teeth and gums, an enlarged heart and an upper respiratory infection. We looked past all of that, and instead saw a gorgeous chestnut brown lover boy with a passion for life, a heart full of love and a wonderful way with everyone he meets. A firm favorite straight away with the volunteers, due to his enthusiasm for climbing up into anyone’s lap and licking them to death, Donald earned the nickname of ‘ageing lothario’ after he seemed to develop a bit of a crush on…well, anything female, actually! It’s hilarious to watch this boy chase Trudy and Amy around the cabin grounds, eager to show them how happy he could make them if they’d just let him…. At his age, and in his health condition, we took Donald in knowing that he must be viewed as a hospice care case in all probability. His heart was so enlarged and was becoming more compromised each and every day due to the awful infection in his mouth. We consulted with our vets in September and decided to take Donald in for surgery as without it, his future looked neither bright nor long, and we had to give him a fighting chance of survival. This little boy with the huge personality had become so intrinsic to our community outreach program shelter at the senior center every week, and had become a firm favorite with the Saturday therapy groups that meet at the cabin. His surgery thankfully was a complete success and we are overjoyed that Donald can look forward to a restful working retirement here at the cabin, spreading his particular brand of love and happiness to everyone that needs it.