Amy is a delightful rat terrier mix who came from Gwinnett Animal Shelter in the Spring of 2016. As a senior, she had been overlooked for far too long and her time was running out, and so we were delighted to find her just in time, as she has been a wonderful addition to our program. Amy has few health issues, is around 11 years old and is quite the watchdog. Every day you will hear her telling the deer off for coming too close to the fence, or she will chase the squirrels up the tree or she will tell the dogs playing over at the DD Ranch that they need to behave! It’s a full time job for this beautiful girl and one she relishes! When she’s not busy trying to keep the local wildlife in line, Amy likes nothing better than to put on her special FAAP harness and leash so that she can go visit the old folks at the senior center every week. Amy has become quite the darling of the pack, and has got herself quite a following among the residents there, using her calm grace and loving touch to endear herself to even the most indifferent person. Apart from her work as a therapy dog, Amy’s favorite thing is to go on a car ride. She absolutely adores the car and will even sit in there in hopes that some one will take the hint! Funny, strong of character and resilient, yet extremely caring of the smaller members of the cabin crew, this little dog has brought a great deal of joy to everyone at FAAP and we are delighted to have her with us.